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Mammoth ID

Proper cannabis labeling and packaging is a crucial component of staying in compliance with state guidelines. Cannabis companies must ensure that their packages are tamper-proof, child-proof, and by their local laws. Unfortunately, because the laws are constantly changing, businesses are forced to keep up with the perpetual tweaks being made to remain in compliance and to protect the safety and security of the general public.

Traditional solutions, such as buying preprinted labels from a print service provider (PSP) or printing their labels using ‑ flexographic, thermal, or other print technologies, are often unsatisfactory for specialty product businesses. These solutions require large print runs (resulting in high cost of label MOQ), make it difficult to change label content on the fly, resulting in waste when outdated labels are discarded, and result in lost opportunities for localized or customized marketing.

With in-house labeling, you can a master of labels, printing only the labels you require. Armed with greater creative control, you can also produce appealing, high-quality labels.

In-house labeling is an ideal solution for many specialty product enterprises. These ­firms require a label-printing technology that enables them to produce high-quality labels quickly, while also providing the flexibility to change the label contents or graphics in minutes, rather than in days or weeks. Printing labels in-house provide a competitive advantage for many specialty product businesses, because of its ‑ flexibility and benef­its. On-demand labeling avoids the long lead times and a waste of using preprinted label solutions, allowing businesses to label both long-production-run and short-production-run products efficiently and ship them without delay.
A new on-demand, in-house printing approach to creating and take control of your short-run specialty labels.  In-house labeling gives companies the­ flexibility to respond quickly to consumer demand,
market conditions, and other business challenges.

 At Mammoth ID, we have a solution that may make printing labels for you a breeze.  Let me introduce you to the EPSON TM-C7500. The EPSON TM-C7500 is a fast full-color label printer for Just in Time Color™ printing.